Duke Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension Program

Care for patients with CTEPH, often mistaken for and treated as common pulmonary hypertension, requires a distinct multi-faceted approach.

Duke’s CTEPH Program is leading the way with an interdisciplinary team of pulmonologists specializing in pulmonary hypertension, thoracic surgeons, interventional radiologists, nurses, therapists, and pharmacists.

Duke also collaborates with fellow CTEPH specialists in leading U.S. and international centers and pursues research in an extensive world-class program.

CTEPH Team Members

John A. Haney, MD, MPH
Cardiothoracic Surgeon
Surgical Director, CTEPH Program

Richard A. Krasuski, MD
BPA Director, CTEPH Program

Terry Fortin, MD, MS
Director, Pulmonary Vascular Disease Center

Sudarshan Rajagopal, MD, PhD
Co-Director, Pulmonary Vascular Disease Center

Talal Dahhan, MD, MSEd
Pulmonary Vascular Disease Center

Kishan Parikh, MD
Pulmonary Vascular Disease Center

Jordan Whitson, MD
Pulmonary Vascular Disease Center

Lisa Carver, BSN, RN 
CTEPH Coordinator

Contact Us

40 Medicine Circle
Clinic 2F/2G
Durham, NC 27710

Phone: 919-684-9254
Fax: 919-681-0339

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