Institutes and Labs

The face of research is changing, requiring more specialized collaboration amongst numerous investigators, sites, and facilities.

Below is a list of institutes and labs where the Duke Division of Pulmonary, Allergy, and Critical Care Medicine conducts research.

Duke Asthma, Allergy, and Airway Center

The center has personnel and equipment necessary for clinical and translational studies, including complex pulmonary function testing, methacholine challenge, exhaled nitric oxide measurement, skin testing, blood sampling, chest radiography, and bronchoscopy. There are 26 examination rooms available for patient evaluation and three procedure rooms for bronchoscopy.

Duke University Pulmonary Research Laboratories

The pulmonary research laboratories at Duke are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and resources to aid in our research programs.  Visit each Lab below.

The Ingram Lab’s research interests focus on the study of airway remodeling in human asthma.

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The Marshall Lab’s research interests focus on acute lung injury.

The McMahon Lab at Duke University and Durham VA Medical Center is investigating novel roles of the red blood cell (RBC) in the circulation.

Dr. Murdoch’s research focuses on T cell immunology utilizing a variety of platforms including polychromatic flow cytometry, cytokine multiplexing, and novel single cell assays.

The Palmer Lab conducts basic and clinical research on lung transplantation and its complications.

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The Que Lab’s research interests focus on studying the role of nitric oxide and related enzymes in the pathogenesis of lung disease, specifically that caused by nitrosative/oxidative stress. 

The Tighe Lab’s research focus is to identify susceptibility factors and candidate pathways relevant to host biological responses to environmental pollutants.

Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI)

DCRI and its staff provide the specialized facilities, training, and staff support that is necessary for our clinical research studies. The DCRI is the primary site for a number of prominent multi-center trials.

Duke Center for Applied Genomics & Precision Medicine

The Center offers support and collaboration for our researchers to examine the genomic signatures of certain pulmonary diseases.

Duke Center for Genomics and Computational Biology

GCB is an interdisciplinary center where faculty from across Duke’s campus collaborate to study complex problems in genomic and computational biology, train researchers, and develop genomic technologies.

Duke Center for Human Genetics

The Duke Center for Human Genetics provides databasing and informatics services, DNA banking, and molecular genomic services to investigators in our division.

F. G. Hall Laboratory

This laboratory is used for basic and clinical research related to hyperbaric medicine. The laboratory is specially fitted to investigate both human and animal subjects, and the special hyperbaric chamber allows researchers to actively study the beneficial and toxic effects of oxygen.

Veterans Affairs Pulmonary Research Laboratories

The pulmonary research laboratories at the Durham Veterans Affairs Medical Center are designed for biochemical and molecular biological work, cell and tissue culture, and support of electron microscopic studies.