Health Maintenance

Health maintenance includes prevention, early recognition and treatment of complications, and continuing patient education.

Well-patient visits provide a better setting for the development of effective health provider-patient relationships. The development of such relationships may result in fewer emergency department visits and hospitalizations. Therefore, we encourage you to adhere to the following suggestions:

  • Have regular medical evaluations at least every 6 months by a primary care provider (General Internal Medicine/Family Medicine providers) for routine screenings such as blood pressure checks, screening for diabetes, cholesterol, and routine cancer screenings as you get older (i.e. mammograms, colonoscopy)
  • Have regular specialized sickle cell medical evaluations every 6 months and more often if you are treated with Hydroxyurea or chronic pain medications
  • See a dentist every year
  • All female patients should have a gynecological evaluation every year
  • Get an annual influenza vaccine (flu shot) and a Pneumococcal and Meningococcal vaccine as recommended
  • See an ophthalmologist for an annual eye examination
  • Refrain from smoking and using any illegal drugs
  • Avoid excessive use of alcohol
  • Pursue your vocational and educational goals