Biomedical Science Investigator Pathway


Fellows on the Biomedical Science Investigator Pathway will choose a laboratory and mentor during their first year, after consultation with the division chief.

Take a look at the basic and translational science investigators at Duke Nephrology for all of the opportunities available. 

The mentor will generally be one of the basic science faculty members from Duke Nephrology, but with the approval of the division chief, trainees may also choose to work in a laboratory outside of the division. This flexibility allows for trainees to take optimal advantage of the outstanding scientific environment at Duke.

Fellows pursuing the basic science investigator pathway will receive additional mentorship from the Robert J. Lefkowitz Society. This society provides a home for MD and MD/PhD post-graduate trainees who are in the Duke University Department of Medicine Internal Medicine Residency and Fellowship programs and are pursuing careers with a primary focus on basic and translational research as physician-investigators.


Some of the funded ongoing basic science research projects in the division include:

  • The Duke Cardiovascular Research Center funded by the Mandel Center for Hypertension and Atherosclerosis
  • The molecular biology of G-protein coupled receptor signaling
  • The immunobiology of transplant rejection
  • Inflammatory responses in the kidney and their contribution to disease pathogenesis
  • The functions of the renin-angiotensin system in regulation of blood pressure and kidney function
  • Pathogenesis of familial focal segmental glomerulosclerosis
  • Pathogenesis of autoimmune kidney diseases
  • FGF23 in CKD
  • Duke O'Brien Center for Kidney Research

Graduates (since 2014)

David Ortiz- 2014 currently faculty Duke Nephrology
Andrew Malone- 2014- currently faculty Washington University Saint Louis
Paul Phelan- 2014- currently faculty Edinburgh, Scotland
Gentzon Hall- 2015- currently faculty Duke Nephrology
Stacy Johnson- 2016- currently faculty University of Tennessee, Memphis

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