Meet Our Postdoctoral Fellows

Current T32 Fellows

Nathan Hawkey, MD, and Katherine Collins, PhD, are second-year post-doctoral fellows. 

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"My first year at Duke had me completely energized, and the Genomic Medicine training program gave me ample opportunities both internally and on a national stage to share my work and make new scientific connections with other passionate scientists." - Marie Mooney, PhD (T32 fellow 2019-2021)

T32 Alumni

Sarah Heston, MD (2020-2022)
Current Role: Assistant Professor in Pediatric Infectious Diseases at Duke University 

Nathan Bihlmeyer, PhD (2020-2022)

Olivia Dong, PhD (2019-2021)
Current Role: Senior Research Health Economist at RTI Health Solutions

Melody Shi, MD(2019-2021)
Current Role: Pediatric Endocrinologist

Marie Mooney, PhD(2018-2020)
Current Role: Assistant Professor of Bioinformatics at the University of North Florida

Bill Hankey, PhD (2018-2020)
Current Role: Post Doctoral Researcher at Duke University

Cory Stingl, MD (2017-2019)
Current Role: Pediatric Rheumatologist at Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital

Carolyn Baloh, MD (2017-2019)
Current Role: Instructor in Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital & Lead Biologist at Immune Tolerance Network