Education and Training

The Duke Division of Gastroenterology demonstrates a strong history of excellence and innovation by fostering knowledge and experience through our fellowship program, advanced training program, and continuing medical education.

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Gastroenterology Fellowship Program 

The Duke Division of Gastroenterology offers a three-year program of clinical and laboratory training in gastroenterology.

We seek applicants for our fellowship program who share our desire to provide superb care to patients while advancing understanding through research into digestive and liver diseases.

Fellows have the opportunity to pursue specific clinical and/or research interests and have access to comprehensive training in all aspects of contemporary gastroenterology and hepatology.

Visit the Duke Gastroenterology Fellowship Web site for more information and to apply.

Gastroenterology Research Training Program

The Duke Division of Gastroenterology offers post-doctoral research training to physicians and scientists.  The Research Training Program brings together MD fellows from our clinical Gastroenterology Fellowship and PhD post-doctoral fellows from the laboratories and research programs of our faculty.  Fellows must be accepted into the Gastroenterology Fellowship or the research program of a Division of Gastroenterology faculty member in order to participate in the Gastroenterology Research Training Program.  The program co-directors are Dr. Andrew Muir and Dr. Rodger Liddle.

For more information, please visit our Gastroenterology Research Training Program page.

Advanced Endoscopy Training Program

The Duke Division of Gastroenterology’s Advanced Endoscopy Training Program is a one-year program devoted to the clinical and research training of an advanced fellow in either pancreatico-biliary diseases or endoscopic ultrasound.

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Advanced/Transplant Hepatology Fellowship 

The Division of Gastroenterology offers a one-year advanced training program that prepares physicians and scientists for a career in academic gastroenterology and transplant hepatology.

Fellows have access to comprehensive training in transplant hepatology, transplant infectious diseases, hepatopathology and interventional radiology, as well as access to research training, advanced clinical skills and training in medical education.

For more information, please visit our Advanced/Transplant Hepatology Fellowship page.

Continuing Medical Education

Haque’s DIGEST is a monthly literature review that includes selected journal articles on research and development in gastroenterology. The DIGEST is compiled by Mahfuzul Haque, MD, and shared with Duke GI faculty and fellows as a way to stay on top of current research. It is circulated nationally and internationally to more than a thousand GI professionals and institutions. Articles in the DIGEST, which typically have a clinical focus, are selected by Dr. Haque and do not reflect a comprehensive survey of the literature. Read Haque’s DIGEST.

Dr. Haque is professor of medicine in the Division of Gastroenterology.