Beyond Work


Medicine-Pediatrics residents participate in social events in both categorical programs, including Charity Auction, Humanities in Medicine event, ice cream socials, Durham Bulls baseball games, Broom Hockey, class retreats, hello-goodbye parties, and more. In addition, Med-Peds residents participate in a variety of other Med-Peds specific events.

Med-Peds Senior Dinner

All residents attend the end of the year Med-Peds Senior Dinner to honor our graduating senior residents.  

Intern Dinner

Our residents often gather for dinners with each other, and finishing interns host new interns for a transition dinner before starting the new academic year. 

Journal Club

Journal Club and Business Meeting takes place three times a year.  Each class (except for the intern class) is responsible for selecting an article and “hosting” the Journal Club each year.  


Semi-annual potlucks specifically for Med-Peds residents take place at Dr. Woods’ home.