Beyond Work

Medicine-Pediatrics residents participate in social events in both categorical programs, including Charity Auction, Humanities in Medicine event, ice cream socials, Durham Bulls baseball games, Broom Hockey, class retreats, hello-goodbye parties, and more. In addition, Med-Peds residents participate in a variety of other Med-Peds specific events.

Med-Peds Senior Dinner

All residents attend the end of the year Med-Peds Senior Dinner to honor our graduating senior residents.  

Intern Dinner

Our residents often gather for dinners with each other, and finishing interns host new interns for a transition dinner before starting the new academic year. 

Journal Club

Journal Club and Business Meeting takes place three times a year.  Each class (except for the intern class) is responsible for selecting an article and “hosting” the Journal Club each year.  

The program is dynamic and constantly making changes and adjustments to make improvements based off resident feedback, with a focus on residency wellness. There is the perfect balance of autonomy and support that fosters learning how to be someone's doctor.

Katie Wood, MD, PGY-3


Semi-annual potlucks specifically for Med-Peds residents take place at Dr. Trinh’s home. 

The Triangle area in general has so much to offer, from city to countryside, fine dining to diners, etc. Plus we're situated close to mountains and the beach…There's tons of trails and parks nearby for hiking, running, and biking.

Matt McCulloch, MD, PGY-3

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