Core Faculty and Chief Residents


Core Faculty  

Carolyn S. Avery, MD
BS: Yale University, 2003
MHS: Yale University, 2009
MD: Yale University School of Medicine, 2009
Residency: Duke University, 2009- 2013  Hometown: Newton, MA

Aimee Chung, MD
BA: Duke University, 2000
MD: East Carolina University, 2005
Residency: Duke University, 2005-2009
Hometown: Williamston, NC
Edward Evans, MD
BS: Morehouse College, 1994
MD: UMDNJ Medical School, 1998
Residency: Duke University, 1998-2002
Hometown: Englewood, NJ

Dean Miner, MD
BA: Duke University, 1989
MD: University of Florida, 1993
Residency: Baylor, 1993-1997
Hometown: Miami, FL

Dan Ostrovsky, MD
BA: Brown University, 1995
MD: University of Massachusetts, 1999
Residency: Univ. of Rochester, 1999-2003
Hometown: Boston, MA


Pediatric Chief Residents  

Rachel Randell, MD​
MD: University of North Carolina School of Medicine, 2015
BA: University of Delaware, 2010

Ryan Spotts, MD​
​MD: Drexel University College of Medicine, 2015
BS: The Pennsylvania State University, 2010


Medicine Chief Residents  
Jenny Van Kirk, MD
Chief Resident, Duke University Hospital
MD: Georgetown University, 2014
Kara Wegermann, MD
Chief Resident, Durham VA Medical Center
MD: Harvard University, 2014
Fellowship: Gastroenterology
Norman "Winn" Seay, MD
Chief Resident, Ambulatory and Duke Regional Hospital
MD: Harvard University, 2014
Fellowship: Nephrology
John Paul Shoup, MD
Chief Resident, Quality Improvement and Patient Safety, Durham VA Medical Center
MD: University of Connecticut School of Medicine, 2014

The faculty are very engaged in teaching house staff and they are especially adept at catering to the level of training of the learner...There is also a culture of mutual respect between faculty and house staff which allows services to be run very smoothly.

Govind Krishnan, MD, PGY-3

Every faculty member I've worked with teaches both at the bedside and in the team room. My upper levels find time to teach as well. All the nurses, NPs, PAs, social workers are happy to teach me and my co-interns. At Duke, you get the information you both want and need from an astonishing number of sources.

Monty Natour, MD, PGY-2