DCMRC Cardiovascular MR Practicum

 The DCMRC provides a twice-yearly practicum that provides the participant with an understanding of the principles of magnetic resonance imaging, safety issues in performing cardiac MR, and imaging protocols currently available for the evaluation of the structure and function of the cardiovascular system. Case presentations, one-on-one discussion, and observation of actual patient imaging will be emphasized. This course fulfills the SCMR requirements for Level 1 (Track B) and Level 2 certification and is aligned with the content for future CMR Board Exams. For more information, contact Michele Parker (michele.parker@duke.edu, 919-668-1671). 

Left: DCMRC Co-director, Dr. Robert Judd presenting on the SCMR Registry at the 2019 Spring Practicum.
Right: DCMRC Co-director, Dr. Raymond Kim discussing CMR cases at the 2018 Fall Practicum.


Duke Cardiovascular MR Practicum
CMR Board Exam Review Course

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Fall 2019: October 7-11

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