Institutes and Labs

The Duke Division of Cardiology collaborates extensively with researchers in many departments and disciplines across the university.

Collaborative research initiatives in which the division participates include the following:

The Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI)

The Duke Center for Applied Genomics & Precision Medicine

The Duke Center for Genomics and Computational Biology

Hormones and Neurotransmitters

Studying the molecular mechanisms of signal transduction and regulation as well as the molecular determinants of neurotransmission

Calcium-Mediated Responses

The study of cell-signaling cascades that regulate cell proliferation, differentiation, or function and how alterations in these pathways contribute to oncogenesis

Membrane Biology

Understanding how our cells manage to precisely target ion channels and other membrane-spanning proteins to the physiological sites that optimize their physiological efficiency

Genomics of Cell Proliferation

Working toward personalized treatment of cancer patients, and similar methods that can be developed for cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular Development

Studying the molecular development of the arterial pole of the heart, which is involved in some of the most common birth defects

Genetics and Metabolic Regulation

Investigating metabolic regulatory mechanisms involved in diabetes and obesity

Vascular Morphogenesis

Analyzing genetic defects manifested in inherited diseases in order to understand angiogenesis

Cardiac Regeneration

Learning about mammalian healing from cardiac injury by studying the mechanisms behind cardiac regeneration in zebra fish

Blood Pressure Homeostasis

Investigating mechanisms of kidney injury in disease states and the role of the kidney in regulation of blood pressure