Clinical Trials & CMR Core Lab

Clinical Trials

As new MRI protocols are developed each must be evaluated in clinical trials. These evaluations often take several years. The DCMRC is committed to the long-term evaluation of new protocols which are hypothesized to provide important diagnostic information.

The DCMRC serves as a core lab facility for many clinical trials. We can provide a platform for multicenter research trials, and are experienced in quantitative and qualitative image analysis and image quality control. We have expertise as a multicenter CMR core lab in:

  • Analysis of cardiac function, including LV and RV ejection fraction, chamber size, wall thickness, and wall motion
  • Evaluation of myocardial viability using delayed-enhancement imaging
  • Assessment of myocardial perfusion and ischemia
  • Quantitative tissue characterization with T1 and T2 mapping
  • Vascular anatomy and function

In addition to these services, we can work with a sponsor to develop customized CMR imaging protocols and analysis.