About Us

Working together towards a future with better tools and medicines for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease and stroke are the leading cause of death and disability in the world.  Without innovative research, the future might be bleak.  Cardiovascular disease is projected to become an even greater issue in the near future, due to the aging of the population combined with higher levels of obesity.

DukeHealth is a leader recognized for excellence in cardiology patient care and views the challenge of increased cardiovascular disease as a call to action.  Through the Cardiovascular Research Center, we affirm and renew our commitment to the cardiovascular research discoveries that will help treat future patients.

The Duke Cardiovascular Research Center (CVRC) has distinguished scientists including working on fundamental research with strategic relevance to cardiovascular challenges.  We are implementing a strategic vision to strengthen the continuum of cardiology research, which begins with discovery and continues through translation to culminate in patient care.

Our mission of scholarship, training, and mentoring includes developing the next leaders in cardiovascular discovery research.  And the CVRC is eager to partner at all levels—with caregivers, other institutions, industry, and innovative thinkers willing to contribute to this cause.