Members of the the Robert J. Lefkowitz Society, which provides a home for MD and MD/PhD post-graduate trainees who are in the Duke University School of Medicine.

Name Medical School Department/Fellowship Program
Leah Acker, MD, PhD Duke University Anesthesiology
Alejandro Antonia, MD, PhD Duke University Medicine

Cesar Lopez Angel, MD, PhD

Stanford University Pediatrics

Berk Aykut, MD

Ruprecht-Karls-Universität, Heidelberg (Germany) Surgery
David Bader, MD, PhD Baylor College of Medicine Medicine, Hematology/Oncology
John Barber, MD University of North Carolina Medicine

Kristen Batich, MD, PhD

Duke University

Medicine, Neuro-oncology

Amy Berkman, MD University of Vermont Pediatrics

Alexandra Bey, MD, PhD

Duke University Psychiatry/Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Alexa Bramall, MD, PhD

University of Toronto


Muath Bishawi, MD, MPH Stony Brook University Surgery
Angelique Boutzoukas, MD University of Florida Pediatrics, Infectious Disease

Sonali Bracken, MD, PhD

University of Connecticut


Felecia Cao, MD, PhD Baylor College of Medicine Medicine

Marcelo Cerullo, MD MPH

Johns Hopkins


Agnes Chao, MD Duke-NUS Pediatrics, Neonatology

Benjamin T. Cocanougher, MD, PhD

University of Rochester/University of Cambridge


Daniel Edmonston, MD Mercer University Medicine, Nephrology 

Emily Eichenberger, MD

Duke University

Medicine, Infectious Disease

David Elliott, MD, PhD

Duke University


Ahmad Farooq, MD

University of Buffalo

Medicine, Gastroenterology

Nellie Farrow, MD

University of Virginia


Aurian García González, MD, PhD

University of Massachusetts Surgery

Alex Gooding, MD, PhD

Case Western Reserve University 

Radiation Oncology

Manasa Gurumoorthi, MD Case Western Reserve University  Pediatrics
Stephen Harward, MD, PhD Duke University Neurosurgery
Nathan Hawkey, MD, MBA Tulane University Medicine, Hematology/Oncology
Peter Hendrickson, MD, PhD University of Utah Radiation Oncology

Ashley Helseth, MD, PhD

University of Nebraska

Pediatrics, Neurology

Irma Husain, MBBS

Eras’ Lucknow Medical College 

Medicine, Nephrology 

Joyce Hwang, MD, PhD

Harvard Medical School

Medicine, Hematology/Oncology

James Isaacs, MD

University of Chicago Medicine, Hematology/Oncology

Daniel Joh, MD, PhD

Duke University

Surgery, Plastic Surgery

Jeffrey Keenan, MD

University of Maryland 


David L Kerr, MD Duke University Orthopedic Surgery
Aaditya Khatri, MD, PhD Duke University Medicine
Alexander Lazarides, MD Duke University Orthopedic Surgery

Annie Liu, MD, PhD

University of Pittsburgh


Zachary Lorsch, MD, PhD

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai


Justin Low, MD, PhD University of North Carolina Neurosurgery/Neuro-Oncology

Ryan Meyerhoff, MD, PhD

Duke University


Andrew Morgan, MD, PhD University of North Carolina Medicine/Pediatrics
Ganga Moorthy, MD University of Oklahoma Pediatrics
Dimitrios Moris, MD, PhD University of Athens, Greece Surgery
Tanziyah Muqeem, MD, PhD Thomas Jefferson University  Medicine/Neurology
Michael Mulvihill, MD Duke University Surgery
Marybeth Nedrud, MD, PhD University of North Carolina Radiology
Joshua Parsons, MD, PhD University of Tennessee Medicine
Ryne Ramaker, MD, PhD  University of Alabama-Birmingham Medicine, Hematology/Oncology
Vignesh Raman, MD Dartmouth Surgery
Adrian Randall, MD Duke University Medicine
Rachel Randell, MD University of North Carolina Pediatrics, Rheumatology
Jessica Regan, MD Virginia Commonwealth University Medicine
Deborah Rose, MD Loyola University Neurology
Alvin Rucker, MD, MPH Duke University Surgery
Brian Shaw, MD UCSF Surgery
Adam Shoffner, MD Yale University Surgery
Zachary Silver, MD, PhD University of Miami  Medicine
Meredith K. Sooy-Mossey, MD, MS  University of Vermont Pediatrics, Cardiology
Ashley Stark, MD Georgetown University Pediatrics, Infectious Disease
Vijay Swahari, MD Andhra Medical College (India) Psychiatry
Ashley Thrower, MD University of North Carolina Medicine/Pediatrics
Rohan Vilms, MD University of California-San Diego Pediatrics, Infectious Disease
Bangchen Wang, MD, PhD University of Nebraska  Pathology
Kara Wegermann, MD Harvard  Medicine, Gastroenterology
Karolina Woroniecka, MD, PhD Duke University Pathology
Maria Xu, MD, PhD University of Connecticut Surgery
Derek Zachman MD, PhD Oregon Health and Science University Pediatrics
Katherine Zhou, MD, PhD University of Chicago Medicine, Hematology/Oncology
Alumni Current Institution Current Position

Tsion Aberra, MD, PhD

Georgetown University

Cardiology Fellow

Mandar Aras, MD, PhD

University of California, San Francisco

Medicine/Cardiology Faculty

DeAnna Baker, MD, PhD Medical University of South Carolina Rheumatology Faculty
David Beavers, MD, PhD University of Michigan Cardiology Fellow
Bradford Becken, MD University of Nebraska Pediatrics/Infectious Disease Faculty
Reid Chamberlain, MD Duke University Pediatrics/Cardiology Faculty

Julie Childers, MD, PhD


Pediatric Palliative Care Fellow

Kim Darlington, MD, PhD UNC Gastroenterology Fellow
Gustaaf de Ridder, MD, PhD Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine Director of Transfusion Services
Nicholas DeVito, MD Duke University  Medicine/Medical Oncology Faculty
Megan DuPuis, MD, PhD MD Anderson Hem/Onc Fellow
Kafui Dzirasa, MD, PhD Duke University Psychiatry Faculty
Jordan Ezekian, MD, MPH University of Toronto Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship
Stephen Gaeta, MD, PhD Inova Medical Group Cardiologist
Tessa Genders, MD, PhD University of Colorado Cardiology Fellow
Tanmay Gokhale, MD, PhD University of Pittsburgh Cardiology Fellow
Gentzon Hall, MD, PhD Duke University Medicine/Nephrology Faculty
Candace Haddox, MD Dana Farber Cancer Institute Medical Oncology Faculty
Zach Healy, MD Duke University  Medicine/Pulmonary Faculty
Jane Healy, MD, PhD Merck Principal Scientist, Early Clinical Development
Amro Ilaiwy, MD Campbell University Internal Medicine Faculty
Ammon Fager, MD, PhD Duke University Medicine/Hematology Faculty
Jacob Kaufman, MD, PhD The Ohio State University  Medical Oncology Faculty
Michael Kritzer-Cheren, MD, PhD Massachusetts General Hospital  Neuropsych Faculty
Max Krucoff, MD Medical College of Wisconsin Neurosurgery Faculty
Stacey Maskarinec, MD, PhD Duke University Medicine/Infectious Disease Faculty
Robert McGarrah, MD Duke University Medicine/Cardiology Faculty
Brian Miller, MD, PhD UNC Medical Oncology Faculty
Nicholas Mischel, MD, PhD Wayne State University Psychiatry Faculty
Yvonne Mowery, MD, PhD Duke University  Radiation Oncology Faculty
Laura Musselwhite, MD, MPH  Levine Cancer Institute GI Oncologist
Daniel Nussbaum, MD Duke University  Surgery Faculty
Charity Oyedeji, MD Duke University  Medicine/Hematology Faculty
Daniel Parker, MD Duke University  Medicine/Geriatrics Faculty
Jordan Pomeroy, MD, PhD Duke University  Medicine/Cardiology Faculty
Mike Powers, MD, MBA University of Iowa Cardiology Fellow
Jamie Privratsky, MD, PhD Duke University  Anesthesiology Faculty
Gopalkumar Rakesh, MD University of Kentucky Psychiatry Faculty
Tim Robinson, MD, PhD University of South Florida Radiation Oncology Faculty
Siddhartha Sen, MD, PhD Baylor College of Medicine Molecular Pathology Fellow
Christopher Severyn, MD, PhD Stanford University Pediatric Hem/Onc Faculty
Julie Steinbrink, MD Duke University  Medicine/Infectious Disease Faculty
Fang Sun, MD, PhD Northwestern University Neurology Faculty
Vijay Swahari, MD Mindpath Psychiatrist
Joshua Thaden, MD, PhD Duke University  Medicine/Infectious Disease Faculty
Nicholas Turner, MD Duke University  Medicine/Infectious Disease Faculty
Rohan Vilms, MD Paraxel Medical Director
Hanghang Wang, MD Johns Hopkins University Thoracic Surgery Fellow
Kristin Weimer, MD, PhD Duke University  Pediatrics/Neonatology Faculty
Eric Wei, MD, PhD Brigham and Women's Hospital Medicine Resident
Melodi Whitley, MD, PhD University of Nebraska Dermatology Faculty
James Wisler, MD Duke University  Medicine/Cardiology Faculty
Jonathan Young, MD Duke University  Psychiatry Faculty